There is a proposed rule in the Federal Register (June 20, 2016) to amend the FAR by making FSSI effectively “mandatory” for all federal procurement. This will pave the way for FSSI as a key precept of Category Management which will impact $277 billion in annual government spending. If successful, this will be the death knell for all small business federal contractors.

Under this proposed rule…Contracting Officers may have to explain why they’re not using the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative. The Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council proposed this Rule requiring officers to show a comparison of purchases made with ones available under the FSSI when it’s not used.

This is going “under-the-radar” and few are aware of this development which will jeopardize their business survival.

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Bornstein & Song developed this website as an informational tool to alert the Federal Government Contracting and Vendor Community of the dangers of the FSSI program. Having seen the damage the FSSI has already caused for the Office Supplies (OS2) federal contracting community, and realizing that the FSSI is being fast-tracked and going mostly unnoticed, Bornstein & Song decided to alert the Community.