Q10 Contracting’s Services

Proposals are the lifeblood of every contracting firm. Not only are they a reflection of your business, proposals are representative of the type of work you provide to your customers.

Q10 services and the disciplined processes we follow to capture, grow, and manage Government business are the result of “in the trenches” experience. With Q10, you will benefit from valuable lessons learned, saving time and money by avoiding mistakes. With Q10, your quote, bid, or proposal will be compliant, responsive, well written and professionally packaged.


  • Q10 Contracting guides “start up” companies through the various Federal and state registration and application processes.
  • We help firms identify and track business opportunities and connect complementary companies to form winning teams.
  • We can develop quick quotes and bids, as well as multi-volume, written and oral proposal packages. This includes developing the detailed proposal outline, compliance matrix, technical content, and web-enabled graphics as required.
  • Q10 helps develop tactical and strategic proposal win strategies by analyzing team strengths and weaknesses against individual customer needs and requirements. We help tailor your solutions to directly benefit the customer.
  • We can model competitors’ pricing strategies using historical information to help you refine your own cost estimate.
  • Q10 provides training in proposal support, contract administration, and understanding Federal Acquisition Regulations and contract clauses which dictate ultimate contract performance.