Experience is the best teacher. Having years of “in the trenches” experience, the senior members of Q10 Government Contracting know how to plan, organize, write, price, and produce multi-volume, multi-million dollar proposals as well as concise task order proposal responses.

Most often, the people pulled in to support a proposal team are subject matter experts or administrative help who have “real” jobs. They do not really understand what the end game is, which often leads to a frustrating experience. Our preferred approach to training teams in proposal development is to tie the training to an actual proposal requirement. Training as you build your proposal portfolio (“train as you fight” as our Armed Forces put it) becomes a productive, practical experience that results in useable proposal input.

Q10 Contracting tailors practical training to our audience. Pre-session questionnaires help us determine student experience levels, allowing us to tailor our approach and focus on specific areas of concern. Regardless of the level of experience our students have, we take a hands-on approach to training to make them more proficient and ultimately become self-sufficient.

Invest in your business development team through training. The investment will pay off in responsive, compliant, winning proposals.

Partial List of Available Training

  • Understanding the FAR
  • Win Strategy and Proposal Development
  • SWOT Team Training
  • Preference Programs
  • Changes in Defense Contracting
  • Estimating and Pricing
  • Government Contracting in a Two-Part Series
  • Marketing with No Money
  • Business Strategy
  • Allowable vs Unallowable Costs
  • Cost Pool Development
  • DCAA Audits for the Faint of Heart
  • How to Write: Learn to Edit
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Win Strategy Prop Development Training Session - Sept 29 2008 - Q10 Contracting LLC
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