Pipeline Development

Q10 Government Contracting will help you identify and target business opportunities by:

  • Types of work
  • Target customers
  • Types of contract.

The first step in building your business pipeline is ensuring you have the qualifications, credentials, and resources to perform the work you want to pursue. Q10 Contracting will help you identify and profile specific business requirements and opportunities for the products or services you provide. Using affordable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools or simple databases, we will help you build and track your business pipeline.

Q10 will help you develop a client engagement plan with both Program and Contracting personnel so you can promote your qualifications, prove your worth, and win customer confidence well in advance of the customer’s final acquisition plan. Ideally, while opportunities are in their early stages, you want to help “Shape the Battlefield” and develop a trusting relationship with your prospective customer. We all know that agencies don’t buy; people buy.

With Q10’s guidance and support, you will “Develop the Plan, then Work the Plan,” charting your company’s future with a clear plan for growth.