Contract Administration


Great! Our efforts in marketing and proposal development have paid off. You win your first contract! At this point, you do not need to run out and hire a Contract Administrator. Let Q10 help you set up your contract administration and project control procedures, deliverable templates, and task order pricing models.

Q10 Contracting can provide experienced Contract Administrators to help you set up your contract files. We can create spend plans to reflect your winning bid submission. By individual tasks and by the contract as a whole, we can create models you use to gauge project status, estimates to complete tasking, 75% thresholds, and limitations in subcontracting. Pulling data from your time collection and accounting systems, we can create models and templates of Funds and Manhours Reports. We can provide task execution plans as well as properly formatted, professionally designed deliverables templates and outlines.

When you start or transition a contract, chaos typically rules. Using experienced personnel to set up your contract administration procedures will save you time and money. Q10 will ensure you can provide accurate answers when your customer calls with a question. We can function as your permanent “back office” staff or we can help you set up proper controls and procedures until you have an experienced staff in place. Of course, Q10 can provide hands-on training to your administrative staff, ensuring they follow the best practices of contract administration.

So that you have confidence in the systems and personnel you ultimately bring in to support your “contract shop,” we encourage you to call Q10 experts to perform quality checks throughout contract performance. Then, we can come back and walk you through every step of contract closeout procedures. We want to ensure your administrative team is ready to help you convince your customer that you are ready to grow!