From Business Capture to Contract Close Out…
  • Infrastructure development will be a critical component of economic growth in the decades to come.

  • If you can capture light, you can power the world. If you share that power, civilization will prosper.

  • “Whoever can change public opinion, can change the government.” – Abraham Lincoln

  • Technological advances, global competition, and information always at our fingertips: Change is Inevitable,
    Growth is Optional.

  • Water, the “elixir of life,” sustains life, promotes peace and security, and nourishes economic growth. Opportunity has value.

  • We are at a crossroad where pumps morph into turbines. Exciting times indeed.

What’s New?

Comprehensive training and support in Virginia Beach. Learn how to contract with federal, state, and local government agencies. Read More

Strategic Guidance

Q10 Contracting guides “start up” companies through the various Federal and state registration and application processes. We help firms develop strategic business plans and tactical growth plans.

Proposal Management

Regardless if you are a small or large business, it is expensive to keep skilled personnel “on the bench” waiting for the next RFP to arrive. Q10′s model to “call us when you need us” stretches your business development dollar.

Program Support

With expertise in recruiting, personnel management, contract transition, project control, and contract administration, Q10 Contracting can offer you “back office” support – efficiently and economically.

With the Government “out of order,” program budgets severely cut, and so much uncertainty… can you afford to have your Business Development team “sitting around” waiting for the next solicitation to be released?

Q10 Government Contracting offers confidential, on-call support in business development, proposal development, and contract administration. Pay for the support you need from experienced, “on call” proposal development specialists with assurance that our team knows how to develop responsive, easy to evaluate, compliant proposals.

With Q10 Contracting’s support, you can focus your resources on managing and growing the business Q10 Contracting helps you obtain. Bid2Win with Q10!

Q10 Government Contracting, LLC is a BBB Accredited Government Contractor in Norfolk, VA